A new way of sending images!
Challenge your friends while sending a picture

It's not just about sending a picture, it's more about having fun!
Send a Puzz, your friend solves it and get the picture!

Choose a picture and the level of the Puzz
And Let the Puzz begin!

You took a picture, and you want to share it with your friends in a fun way? 
With Vizipuzz, it's so simple! First choose a picture, then the level of the Puzz and Puzz it to your friends.
Tic, Tac, Tic...
Your friends receive the Puzz and they will have a few minutes to solve it. If they fail to do so, the picture disappears forever!


Your friends made it! They solved the Puzz and got credits. They earned the right to keep the picture that you sent!

Sneak a peek...

Use the Peek mode to share a picture in a fun way without worrying about screenshots! Your friends will have some minutes to sneak a peek at your picture and it will disappear for ever!

Don't want to play?
No problem, you can chat

Use the chat mode to communicate easily with your friends.  

For your privacy, messages are deleted right after you quit the conversation...

Vizipuzz is more than sending a picture!

Vizipuzz, has a lot of features that allow you to interact with your friends in a fun way!

  • Sending Puzz

    Send as many Puzz as you want to your friends, and see who will solve the Puzz in the fastest time.

  • Receive Puzz

    You will enjoy solving Puzzs! Each time a friend sends you a Puzz, you will be notified. You will have then a limited time to solve it.

  • Chat while Puzzing!

    Send and receive messages easily with Vizipuzz. Chat with your friends using Vizipuzz, it's more fun!

  • Earn points and improve your ranking!

    The more you solve, the more you earn! Each time you solve a Puzz, you will get points that will help you improve your ranking.

  • Pzzzzzzzzzzz! Time is up!

    You didn't have time to solve the Puzz, no worries, you can buy credits to have more time...

  • A Puzz solved, an offer earned!

    Play, solve and get offers from our partners! A lot of offers are waiting for you. Will you dare to Puzz?

GET IT, in order to PUZZ IT!

Don't waste time, download Vizipuzz and start playing with your friends.

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